P&ID procures a gas supply and processing agreement (GSPA) to develop a sophisticated processing plant for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Attorney General Malami Witness Statement No.4 item 38 p.19 (2019)

January 11, 2010

Two years later, work on the gas processing plant has yet to begin. The agreement collapses. P&ID launches private arbitration proceedings against the Federation. In a highly unusual move, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources at the time maintained exclusive control over the proceedings.

Attorney General Malami Witness Statement No.4 item 54.1 p.24 (2019)

August 22, 2012

Three years after the collapse of the agreement, a new President, Muhammadu Buhari, is voted into office on an internationally recognised anti-corruption platform.

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The private arbitration tribunal orders Nigeria to pay P&ID just under US$6.6 billion with interest accruing from 20 March 2013 at a rate of seven per cent, which equates to more than US$1 million a day. It now stands at nearly US$10 billion.

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Nigeria’s Attorney General Abubakar Malami starts a formal investigation into P&ID and the GSPA, at President Buhari’s direction.

Attorney General Malami Witness Statement No.4 item 59 p.26

June 28, 2018

Following the investigation, P&ID and P&ID Nigeria (a linked Nigerian entity) are convicted on an eleven-count charge, including money laundering and fraudulently claiming to have acquired land.

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A former legal adviser to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources is charged for accepting bribes and failing to follow protocol when authorising the GSPA.

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria is granted permission to appeal the arbitration decision in the London Court of Appeal.

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Two Britons associated with P&ID, (one of whom is a signatory of P&ID accounts), are charged with 16 counts of money laundering, in connection to the GSPA. This is later increased to 32 counts.

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Nigeria argues before the London High Court that the GSPA and arbitration decision should be objectively scrutinised, and any award delayed. The High Court agrees.

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Nigeria’s legal team file substantive evidence in the London High Court that the GSPA was procured through fraud and corruption. They argue that the agreement and (then) US$9.7 billion arbitration award must be overturned. The Court sets down a timetable for Nigeria's case to be considered. Despite many opportunities to do so, P&ID says nothing to rebut the overwhelming evidence of fraud and corruption

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Nigeria’s former Justice Minister, at the time the GSPA was made, is arrested.

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The London High Court sets out a timeline to formally hear Nigeria’s challenge.

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Nigeria presents argument on why it should be permitted to bring its fraud challenge against the vulture-fund-backed P&ID outside the normal time limits.

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The English Commercial Court delivers an unprecedented judgment allowing the FRN permission to proceed with its challenge to the $10 billion arbitral award made against it over three years ago.

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The British Virgin Islands Court of Appeal hears the case to overturn a judgment  handed down by the BVI High Court on 27 July 2021, refusing the FRN's application for disclosure. 

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